"We love our custom mattress! It's better than our mattress at home!" Bob C.

Mattresses and Toppers

Our custom boat mattresses and toppers are made in Canada using only high quality foam or latex and are made to your exact level of firmness, guaranteeing you a fabulous night's sleep!  They are finished in a thick quilted, bamboo cover, available in brown or navy. We can accommodate any shape or configuration.  Email us today for a quote.


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Mattress Construction

We build our mattresses in 2 layers - a base layer for support and durability and a top layer for comfort. With over 9 combinations to choose from you are sure to find a mattress that suits your particular sleep preferences.

  • High Density Foam

    Our premium quality foam mattresses have the right level of support and comfort to relieve pressure points for a great night's sleep, and are a perfect option if you prefer a mattress that is more on the medium-firm side. We use high quality foam that is built to last for years.

  • Memory Foam

    Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure. The cool gel infusion helps regulate body temperature and keep you cool on those hot summer nights.

  • Latex

    If you're looking for a mattress that is more firm, the latex mattress is a good option. Comprised of a 4" base of medium high density foam and a 2" top layer of latex, this mattress provides a more supportive feel with less give than the high density foam option.

  • Multiple Pieces

    For easy access to storage areas under your berth, order your mattress in multiple pieces.

  • Hinged Mattress

    If you want your mattress in 2 pieces but would prefer the pieces are joined, we can make you a hinged mattress that easily folds in half.

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