About Us

Where it all started

Anchor's Away Custom Boat Bedding was founded by Shelley Foord in 2010. After purchasing her own boat, she couldn't find bedding to fit properly and struggled with her V berth sheets. Being in the design industry, she decided to have them made and realized if she couldn't find them then neither could anyone else, so Anchors Away Custom Boat Bedding was born.

Left to right: Linda, Shelley, Erica

New Owners New Name

When Erica purchased her Bavaria 38, the first item on her list was new mattresses and bedding for her two cabins, and Shelley had just what she was looking for. In fact, Erica liked it so much that when Shelley was ready to retire, she decided to buy the company! After meeting Linda McErlain walking Potcakes in the local park and discovering Linda's love for bedding (her friend's call her the "Sheet Queen"), Erica told her about the opportunity and Sea Swag Custom Boat Bedding was born. Erica and Linda bring years of boating, sales, e-Commerce and distribution experience to the company along with a passion for design, and a love for creating that perfect sleeping space on board your boat.

Erica Painting the bottom of her Bavaria 38 (along with her face).

Why Work with Us?

Our mission is clear:  To bring style and comfort to your boat.

Quality and Customer Service are the two things that matter most to us.  We carefully curate our selection of products and stand behind the quality 100%.  We are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure our customers are happy with their products.  If you keep your eyes open, you might just see us walking down the dock with a mattress balanced on our heads, on our way to install it in its new home!

Linda and Charlie making a template in our former showroom.

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