What is the best boat bedding option for us?

While your mattress is literally the foundation of a good night’s sleep, everything that goes on top contributes to a GREAT sleeping experience.

A sleeping bag atop a 4” piece of foam may have been just fine years ago, but now that you are probably spending more nights aboard, a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable.

Choosing the right type of bed covering may seem daunting but we have simplified the process for you right here.

Casual & Comfy

A shaped quilt or duvet (with cover) is an easy, cozy option for many boaters. The bed covering is shaped to your mattress with enough fabric on the sides and exposed area to tuck under the mattress. Both options are washable and easy to care for. If you’re a hot sleeper, a light cotton quilt is the way to go. If you like fluffy, our duvet (& cover) option is perfect!

Elegant & Refined

A fitted coverlet is a day dress for your berth and yet it fits like a glove! Expertly tailored to fit the top and sides of your mattress, it gives your bed a designer, finished look. Add a couple of gorgeous toss cushions and your berth will be the envy of your marina neighbours. Most boaters choose to remove their coverlet at night and sleep under a blanket or quilt for comfort and freedom of movement.

Whatever your preference, we will work with your colour scheme and design preferences to create your perfect onboard sleeping experience.