How should I store my mattress in the winter?

Oh, so sad.  The end of the boating season is upon us, and you are putting your baby to bed for the winter.  There is a lot to do to prepare a boat for hibernation, and it is easy to forget that proper storage of your mattress is one of the things that should be on your to do list.  The marine environment is damp at the best of times, but during the winter your boat can get pretty clammy.  Here are suggestions for safe storage of your mattress:

Take it home

While this is definitely not an option for everyone, if you happen to have a large storage space at home this is definitely the best one.  It ensures your mattress is dry and fresh in the spring

Stand it up

Mould forms on mattresses when they are sitting on a hard surface with no air circulation and condensation starts to form.  We recommend standing your mattress on its side if possible or raising it up by putting something under it so air can circulate around it

Reduce humidity on your boat

There are some great products available for absorbing humidity on your boat.  Pick some up from your favourite chandlery, and keep an eye on it - you might need to replace it half way through the winter

Be extra careful with your memory foam

The best memory foam available for boating is the cool gel infused version that we use on our mattresses.  Because of the gel infusion, it can freeze during the winter.  If you have a memory foam topper and are leaving it on the boat, do not store it rolled up or folded - if you move it or unroll it during the spring while it is still frozen it could potentially crack. Leave it flat or, if you have to fold it, make sure you don't move it around until it has had time to thaw.