Custom Boat Mattresses & Toppers

All our custom boat mattresses are made to your exact level of firmness, guaranteeing you a fabulous night's sleep!  Our boat mattresses and toppers are manufactured right here in Canada using only high density foam and water based glues so no solvents are used in the manufacturing process.   

We can accommodate any shape or configuration.

Finding the Right Mattress

The ideal mattress provides even support to your entire body and reduces stress at pressure points, giving you a perfect balance of comfort and support for a great night's sleep.

To achieve the right combination  the mattress is layered with the bottom 2/3 a firmer foam for support and the top 1/3 a softer foam for comfort. Our most popular combination is a 6" mattress with a 4" base and 2" top.

A mattress that is too firm leaves your lower back area unsupported creating painful pressure points at your hips and shoulders and allowing your spine to sag.

A mattress that is too soft has you sinking in to it, creating a hammock effect. Your body slouches and your spine is out of alignment. Sleeping on a mattress without enough support can cause lower back pain among other things.

The perfect level of firmness is a personal one based on a combination of body weight and individual preference, allowing support along your body's profile and keeping your spine aligned for a great night's sleep.

With 64 different foam combinations available there is something for everyone!


Do you need a topper for your existing mattress or a whole new mattress?  Will the upper layer be polyurethane, memory foam or latex? Will it be in one piece or multiple sections? Will it be hinged? What kind of cover would you like? 

From the foam selection, to the shape, to the covering, everything is customized just for you.